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Fred G. Slabine

President, Automotive Training & Development


Let me introduce myself. My name is Fred Slabine, and I’m president of Automotive Training & Development (ATD). I’ve loved cars since I was a teenager and been in the auto industry for more than 35 years. After a brief stint as an auto mechanic, I worked as a salesperson, sales manager, F&I manager, special finance manager, and sales trainer. I founded ATD because I wanted to give back to the industry that has treated me so well.

As President of Automotive Training & Development (ATD,) I am dedicated to accelerating sales, profits, and customer satisfaction for automotive, marine, RV, and motorcycle dealerships. My goal is to provide high quality and affordable recruitment and sales training services to all my clients, thereby helping them build a great sales team and avoid costly turnover. I love giving trainees the knowledge and skills they need to make an excellent living, whether they’re brand new hires or experienced salespeople who need a shot in the arm to sell 20 to 25 units a month or more.


Over the years, I’ve experienced success in several different roles both inside dealerships and working business to business. Here are just a few highlights:


·         At Berretta Buick/Pontiac/Yugo in Brockton, MA, I quickly worked my way up from salesman to Finance, Leasing, & Rental Car Manager/Sales Manager. There I consistently exceeded financial goals and expectations, increasing PRU from $75 to $1150, finance penetration from 24% to 79%, and L&AH from 0 to 89% in 11 years. I also implemented an extended service contracts program that obtained a 67% penetration level.

·         As Special Finance Manager at Marlboro Nissan, I used my proven sales strategies to achieve an exceptional closing ratio of 80%, while also maximizing profits. I also trained other colleagues in special finance, so that they could sustain the program after I left.

·         As Customer Support Manager with Market Scan Information Systems, I trained dealers in the proper use of the company’s Profit Center Software to increase sales, gross profits, customer satisfaction, and lease renewals. I also developed and ran a seminar on the benefits of leasing versus purchasing cars.

·         I created a national training program (Credit Specialists) to teach others about the importance of F&I and special finance. Over a ten-year period, I hired and trained nine trainers in several states to teach dealerships how to use special finance programs and extended warranties to accelerate profits and meet the needs of their credit-impaired clients. Through a combination of workshops, on-site coaching, and motivational techniques, our trainers assisted dealerships in improving their bottom line.

·         I worked briefly for a nationally-recognized sales training organization, before I decided to create my own company—ATD. I thought I could do a better job if I had more control of both the content of the program and my interactions with both dealers and trainees.

Now, let me tell you a little about ATD and what sets us apart. First, we are honest and up-front with both dealers and trainees, and we guarantee our services. Second, our proven programs are both comprehensive and intensive. For example, our training program for “newbies” is three full days, and we provide weekly follow-up services for a month after the training program ends. Although the primary focus of training is on the key steps to a sale, we also address other important topics such as goal-setting, building trusting relationships, listening actively, creating and maintaining a positive mental attitude, and engaging in continuous learning and improvement. Our content and training methods are based on years of personal experience, formal training, and reading and listening to the great motivational speakers and sales gurus of our time.

Throughout my career, my favorite expression has always been, “What will it take to make you smile?” It may sound glib, but it is not just a line. In everything I do, I adhere to a few basic principles that I believe are crucial for success in business and in life. First, be a really good listener and try to understand the other person’s needs and point of view. Second, treat everyone with respect and dignity whether they are a Lexus dealer hoping to boost profits, an inexperienced trainee looking for a new career, or a credit-impaired customer wanting to buy a second-hand car. Finally, give your customers the product or service they really want, need, and can afford—sales and profits will follow. What’s more, you’ll develop customers for life.


Please check out our website, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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