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"Learning is a treasure that  will follow its owner everywhere."
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Sales Training Methods

 A Positive Approach

Automotive Training & Development uses a positive approach to sales training that inspires and motivates our trainees and produces results. We teach our trainees how to add value throughout the sales process, from the initial welcome, through negotiations and closing, to delivery and follow-up.  Our training content and methods are designed to accelerate sales, profits, and customer relations. We know we’ve succeeded if our trainees, their managers, and their customers all smile.

 Multiple Tools and Interactive Strategies

Our training methods use a variety of tools and interactive strategies that are drawn from the literature on effective sales training and adult learning:

·        Active engagement.  We engage trainees in role plays, visualization exercises, secret shopping experiences, and other interactive activities designed to promote enthusiasm and foster leaning.  

·       Use of case examples.  We bring in real-life cases and examples to illustrate what does or does not work. We ask our trainees to share their own experiences as well. All of us have come across GREAT sales people who built trusting and personal relationships and made us feel comfortable with our purchase. We’ve also run across sales people who failed to smile or make a personal connection, showed little interest in helping us, and didn’t listen or respond to our wants and needs.

  Te Teamwork and cooperation, not competition. Our training focuses on generating self-confidence, motivation, and inspiration. We encourage our trainees to work together, learn from one another, and provide each other with constructive feedback. Creating a network of support during and after training is an important part of our training methods.

         Focus on strengths and assets, not weaknesses. We don’t embarrass our trainees in public. We model effective leadership and salesmanship by focusing on trainees’ strengths rather than their weaknesses and mentioning progress where we see it. Of course, constructive feedback is always helpful if framed in the right way. 

Continuous learning. We emphasize the importance of continuous learning throughout the training itself and after the training sessions end. We provide tools, resources, and concrete exercises so that trainees can sustain their positive mental attitude and enhance their knowledge and skills over time.


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