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happy girl with car keys benefit of automotive sales training for sales person
"When you believe and think
 "I Can," you activate your motivation, commitment, confidence, concentration and excitement - all of which relate directly to achievement."
Dr. Jerry Lynch
Seminar attendees clapping because of information learned at Automotive Training & Development sales training seminar


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ATD’s philosophy is simple. To be effective, we must make three different “customers” smile--our dealerships, our trainees, and, ultimately, our dealership’s customers.     

We make our dealerships smile by helping them develop GREAT sales professionals and reduce costly turnover. We also do this by:

·         Offering a variety of low-cost services that can be tailored to your specific needs

·         Providing only experienced sales trainers who want to build a long-term relationship with your dealership

·         Spending time with your sales manager to go over the sales training program, describe its philosophy, answer questions, and discuss ways to provide ongoing support

·         Guaranteeing our work

We make our trainees smile by enhancing their productivity, increasing their income, and improving the quality of their lives. In addition, we treat them fairly by:

·         Telling them about all the costs and potential benefits up front, without over promising.

·         Using highly interactive training methods that engage trainees, ask them to role play various sales strategies, and encourage them to assume the mindset of their customers.

·         Providing them with a detailed training manual and suggesting other resources for continuous learning.

·         Using positive methods that serve to strengthen their motivation and self-confidence

·         Teaching them the knowledge and skills they need to build relationships, add value throughout the sales process, and continue to learn and sales process, continue to improve over time.

We make your customers smile by making sure that your sales people:

·         Are personable, build immediate rapport, listen actively to their customers’ wants and needs, and respond to their “hot buttons.”

·         Find your customers the right vehicle for them—one that they want and is within their means—and demonstrate its real value.

·         Negotiate in a principled way that creates in a win-win situation for both the dealership and the customer.

Provide a perfect delivery and regular follow up so that your customers not only smile, but come back over and over again and refer others to your dealership. 


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