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Our mission is to boost automotive sales, profits and customer satisfaction by providing high quality recruitment and professional development services.

Fred G. Slabine, President

Automotive Training & Development



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The key to any dealershipís success lies in having a highly motivated and effective sales force. Sure, the quality of the vehicles and competitive pricing are important, but they are not the whole story. According to customer surveys, between 35 to 37% of a customerís decision to buy is based on the salesperson!  

Those who are most successful build strong personal relationships and add value for the customer. They sell three things: the product, the dealership and themselves. By adding value throughout the sales process, they ensure that prospective customers buy from your dealership, not the one down the street. Whatís more, they become customers for life.

We begin by developing a positive mental attitudeWe instill in our trainees the self-confidence, inspiration and motivation they need for success. Whatís more, we provide the tools and resources necessary to maintain that attitude no matter what happens in their lives, at their dealership, or in the world around them. That alone sets us apart from others in the industry.

Next we teach advanced selling techniques. We provide concrete tips for building personal relationships with customers, identifying and responding to customerís hot buttons, and pursuing local businesses to generate prospects. We encourage taking time with customers so that each step adds value, and creating a win-win-win situation for the dealer, the salesperson, and the buyer.   

Finally, we teach the importance of continuous learningso your sales associates are always improving their performance, remain confident and motivated, and see their earnings grow.


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